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Do you have an issue with your solar system? ANewSolar has dedicated technicians located in Perth, ready to get to your site fast and repair your solar system. Whether you have purchased your solar system with us or not, we have the experience and supplies you need to solving any issues with your panels and systems. If you want fast, dedicated services from GEC accredited solar electricians, then contact us today!

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Checks and Solar Services Performed

Electrical Inspection

We check your solar power bill to ensure your electrical supplier is still giving you the feed in tariff, and we also record and compare the power output of your solar system, making sure it meets the expected energy outputs.

Solar Upgrades

ANewSolar provides cost-effective upgrades on all solar powered systems, including an added cost benefit analysis to upgrade your system more efficiently. This gives you an informed decision that is all your own.

UV Damage Inspection

Due to Perth having one of the highest exposure UV rays in the world, we inspect your system for any UV damage and ensure continuous safe performance.

Power Output Reports

We check your power bill as with our electrical inspections and ensure a power output report to ensure the electrical output is being met. Power output reports are quick, simple and efficient to ensure expected, continuous output records.

Safe Solar Systems

AnewSolar can make sure you are up to date with industry standards and safety guidelines. These are being continuously updated and renewed, so we do our best to ensure your solar panels and systems are following standard guidelines.

Shading Issues

If your solar panels are blocked or shaded by trees, shrubbery or overgrown bush, we can reconfigure your system to ensure continuous efficiency and up to date outputs of energy -- without having to compromise on your neighbour’s land or your own.

Our Other Solar Services

From Delta inverters, Sharp inverters, Eversolar inverters, and more, we have a comprehensive range of solar services and products for you to choose from!

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