Delta Inverter Problems, Errors & Faults: Call for Troubleshooting and Tech Support

Delta Solivia solar inverters are lightweight and compact and deliver maximum efficiency with a much wider power range than its competitors. It has been expanding its renewable energy solutions to provide consumers with the highest power efficiency when it comes to their inverters. If you have a Delta solar inverter which is in need of a health check or a repair, ANew Solar is ready to help you fix your inverter problems.

We service and repair the following Delta solar inverters:

Single Phase Inverter:

  • RPI H3 2.5kW – PL
  • RPI H3 3kW
  • RPI H3A 2.5kW – PL
  • RPI H3A 3kW
  • RPI H4A 4kW
  • RPI H5A 5kW
  • E5 HYbrid
  • H3 Flex
  • SOLIVIA 2.5
  • SOLIVIA 3.0
  • SOLIVIA 3.3
  • SOLIVIA 5.0

Three Phase Inverter:

  • RPI M6A 4.99kW
  • RPI M10A 10kW
  • RPI M30A 30kW

If you have a different Delta solar inverter model, you can contact ANew Solar at (08) 7078 7620 and tell us your Delta inverter model and the problem it is having. One of our solar technicians will help you and then arrange an inverter inspection if needed be. With ANew Solar, your Delta inverter is in good hands.

Delta Inverter Fault & Error Codes

As like other solar inverters, the Delta inverters also have fault or error codes which identify a specific problem with the inverter. With these codes, it is easy to determine the cause of the problem and it would be easier to look up possible solutions for them. Below are some common fault or error codes Delta inverter users experience:

Error Code 471

If Error Code 471 shows up in your Delta inverter LCD screen, it is only an information error type which means there is a long time grid out.

Delta Inverter Installation Manual and Tech Support

With your Delta inverter installation manual, it is easier to look up the error codes and what they really mean. However, the fixes or repairs for each errors are not indicated in the manual. You could call Delta’s service line for tech support or email them your questions. You could also download the user installation manual here if you want to have your own copy in case you lost it or did not have one.

ANew Solar could also help you regarding your questions about your inverter and its error codes. Since we have accredited solar technicians, we can help you figure out how to fix those errors.

Delta Inverter Warranty

Delta inverters have a  warranty period of up to 60 months or 5 years from the date of the installation of the product. Under Delta’s warranty, a defective product can only be replaced if a major failure occurs or if the product is not of acceptable quality.

What’s The Procedure to Make a Warranty Claim?

To claim your Delta inverter warranty due to a major failure, you need to prepare the following to be sent to Delta:

  • Proof of purchase of the product whether as a tax invoice or a receipt
  • A copy of the warranty certificate, if applicable
  • The product label must be eligible to Delta or third-party repairers
  • A detailed report of the inverter failure which should be sent through email or submit a replacement request via their website. You can also call Delta’s service line and talk to one of the customer service representatives.

We at ANew Solar can also forward your warranty claims to Delta and if we receive your replacement parts, we can schedule an installation date for it.

What Can I Do If I’m Out of Warranty?

If your Delta solar inverter broke down or experienced problems after its warranty period, you cannot claim a warranty replacement anymore. However, there is a possibility that the defective parts can still be repaired or replaced. ANew Solar can do a health check and inspection of your inverter and from there, we will assess what steps to take next. There is a chance that the parts could be replaced especially if it is a common one, but if the inverter problem cannot be solved, it is highly suggested that you already buy a new solar inverter.

Delta Inverter Troubleshooting & Repairs

Isolation Error

If your Delta inverter is displaying an Isolation Error message, it could mean that there is an internal problem with the inverter or something is wrong with the DC and AC and might result to short circuit. It also means that the inverter will not convert the power to prevent electrical problems. You can try to manually resetting the inverter by following these steps:

  1. Turn off the solar supply main switch or AC isolator.
  2. Turn off DC isolator.
  3. Wait for 1 minute before turning the main switch or AC isolator back on.
  4. Turn on DC isolator.

If the error is still there after rebooting, please contact us so that a solar technician can assist you with it.

Warning 143

According to the user installation manual, Warning 143 means ‘Get command index failure’. This might be a problem with the software so you need to consult a solar expert or technician for it to fix the problem. Nothing has been mentioned on the manual on how to get rid of this error, so it is better to call someone who knows about it.

Problems with your Delta inverter is no longer a problem if you avail ANew Solar’s services. Aside from repairs and warranty replacements, we also offer solar panel replacements, inverter replacements, health checks, electrical inspections, and other services that will surely be of use to you in case of emergencies.

Call ANew Solar at (08) 7078 7620 to talk to one of our employees and get a free quote for our service or you could leave us a message by clicking this link.