Zeversolar Inverter Problems, Errors & Faults, Not Working: Call for Tech Support

Do you have a Zeversolar inverter and are experiencing technical issues with it? Don’t have any idea how to fix it? Worry no more! ANew Solar is a solar servicing company in Perth that will help you with your Zeversolar inverter problems.

Zeversolar is a Chinese company which produces single-phase and three-phase string inverters for residential and commercial use. It also produces central inverters for industrial usage. In 2009, Zeversolar has built its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. For those who have Zeversolar inverter problems, ANew Solar does repair and servicing to the following models:

Residential and commercial inverters:

  • Evershine TLC range- 4000/5000/6000/8000/10000
  • Zeverlution S range-1000S/1500S/2000S/3000S
  • Zeverlution range- 3680/4000/5000/3000

Zeversolar Inverter Fault & Error Codes

Error Code 3

Error Code 3 is also known as a Relay-Check Fault. It means that the output relay of the inverter has failed and might be in need of replacing. This error is displayed as ‘Rly-Check Fault’ in the Zeversolar inverter.

Error Code 34

Error Code 34 is also known as Vac Failure. When your Zeversolar inverter encounters this error code, it means that the grid voltage is out of the permitted range.

Error Code 35

Error Code 35 is also known as Utility Loss. It means that the utility cannot be detected due to the following reasons:

  • There is no utility grid is available
  • The AC cable is damaged
  • A fuse is broken during island mode

Error Code 38

Error Code 38 is also known as Isolation Failure. In this error, the inverter’s PV array’s insulation resistance ground is lower than the permitted value or the electrical insulation has failed.

Error Code 48

Error Code 48 is an external fault that requires an inspection from a solar technician. This is not listed in the user installation manual so it is better to take it up with Zeversolar’s customer service or contact ANew Solar so one of our technicians can look further into the problem.

Zeversolar Inverter Installation Manual 

Zeversolar inverter manuals should have come with the product when you bought it. However, if you really are in need of a copy of the user manual, you can download the manual of your Zeversolar inverter model:

Zaversolar Inverter Warranty

Zeversolar inverters have a warranty period of up to 60 months or five years from the date of purchase. If the owner of the product could not provide the information regarding the date of purchase, automatically, the warranty period will be counted from the manufacturing date of the product. Repairing or replacing parts of the Zeversolar inverter will be free of charge exclusive of the travel requirements that are needed to transport your inverter.

How Do I Make a Warranty Claim?

To claim your Zeversolar inverter warranty, you need to prepare the following documents or information:

  • Proof of purchase to verify that the inverter is still within the warranty period
  • Full details of the defect
  • The serial number of the inverter model

After you have arranged all of the requirements, we will process your warranty claim and send it to Zeversolar for verification. If Zeversolar has approved of your claim, they will send a replacement part or inverter, a solar expert from ANew Solar will schedule an installation date for you.

Zaversolar Inverter Troubleshooting & Repairs

Some faults of the Zeversolar inverter are easy to troubleshoot and fix. You can find it in the user manual of your inverter model and try to repair the errors before calling a technician. Below are some common troubleshooting and repairs for your Zeversolar inverter:

Zeversolar Inverter is Not Working

If your Zeversolar inverter suddenly stopped working, check if the AC isolator, DC isolator, and solar supply main switch are all switched on.

Zeversolar Inverter is Offline

If you are monitoring your Zeversolar inverter using the ZeverManager, the status of the inverter should be displayed there. If the status says ‘Online’, it means that the inverter is being monitored by ZeverManager. However, if the status is ‘Offline’ even if the inverter is working normally, there could be a problem with the cable or Zevermanager.

Resetting the Zeversolar inverter

Most Zeversolar inverter problems or errors can be corrected or fixed by just manually shutting down and restarting the inverter. To reset your Zeversolar inverter, follow these steps:

  1. Switch off the AC isolator or solar supply main switch.
  2. Switch off the DC isolator and wait until all lights are off.
  3. After five minutes or more, switch the DC isolator back on.
  4. Turn on the AC isolator.

If you are done resetting the inverter and there is still an error code displayed or the fault light is lit up, there might be a more serious problem with your inverter. If that happens, you should already contact a solar technician to look at the problem.


ANew Solar is your one-stop shop for your Zeversolar inverter problems. Not only can we do repairs, we can also arrange a health check for your inverter or assist you with a warranty replacement if necessary. We will give the professional service you deserve so that you can continue to enjoy using your Zeversolar inverter.

If you are interested in availing ANew Solar services, you can call us at (08) 7078 7620 or leave a message or inquiry here and one of our solar technicians will gladly entertain your questions and problems.