GoodWe Inverter Problems, Errors & Faults: Call for Troubleshooting and Repairs

Jiangsu GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of PV inverters and energy storage solutions. It offers string solar inverters ranging from 1.5kW and 17 kW and central solar inverters with power ranges between 100kW to 500kW. These GoodWe solar inverters are classified as follows:

  • NS series
  • DNS series
  • SDT series
  • DT series
  • ES series
  • BP series

As every other solar inverter out there, there will come a time that it would experience some problems or errors that are needed to be fixed in order to lengthen the benefits of a solar inverter. For GoodWe solar inverter problems, ANew Solar is ready to help with repairs and servicing. Our experienced and accredited solar technicians and installers are only a call and a message away.

Goodwe Inverter Fault & Error Codes

Whenever a Goodwe solar inverter is faulty, it will display a message indicating what kind of error or problem it is having. Some examples of these error codes are listed below and the possible solutions to them:

Error Code 23

When a GoodWe solar inverter displays an error code 23 message, it means that the inverter is suffering from utility loss and there is a fault or a disconnection in the grid. Check whether the grid and its connection cables are in proper condition or that the cables are connected properly.

Fault Codes

Other GoodWe fault and error codes are as follows:

  • 01 – SPI failure or an internal communication failure
  • 02 – EEPROM R/W failure or memory chip failure
  • 03 – Fac failure or the grid frequency is out of range
  • 07, 25 – Relay check failure or a relay self-checking failure
  • 13 – Overhigh DC injection
  • 14 – Isolation failure
  • 15 – Vac failure
  • 16 – EFan fault
  • 17 – PV over voltage
  • 19 – Over temperature
  • 20 – IFan fault
  • 21 – DC Bus High
  • 22 – Ground I Failure
  • 30 – Ref 1.5V failure
  • 31, 24 – AC HCT failure
  • 32, 26 – GFCI failure
  • Others – Device failure

Goodwe Inverter Installation Manual and Tech Support

For consumers who own or purchased a Goodwe solar inverter, you may download the installation manual of the one you have here or you can contact us so that one of our expert technicians or electricians may help you with your GoodWe solar inverter.

Goodwe Inverter Warranty & Extended Warranty

Goodwe solar inverter products come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty of 60 months or 5 years between the following two dates:

  1. The first installation date of the inverter and;
  2. 6 months after the shipment dispatch date from GoodWe

There is also the option to purchase a warranty extension for your GoodWe solar inverter. For NS, DNS, DSS, DT, SDT, LVDT, and MT series, the available extended warranty periods are 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 25 years. For BP, SBP, ES, EM, and ET inverter series, you can only extend their warranties for 10 years.

Product warranty extensions can be purchased within 48 months or 4 years from the standard manufacturer’s warranty date. Once purchased, it cannot be extended or reduced to a different warranty duration.

What’s The Procedure to Make a Warranty Claim?

ANew Solar can help you process your warranty for your Goodwe solar inverter. Before you contact one of our solar inverter experts, you must prepare the following information and documentation:

  • Contact information of the purchaser or owner (name, address, phone number, and email)
  • Information of the defective product (product model, serial number, installation date, and date of failure)
  • Installation report
  • Error message that was displayed on the LCD screen if available and other additional information regarding the problem or issue
  • Description of actions you took before the failure occured

We will be the one to handle the next processes in your warranty claim and when the replacement parts arrive, we will also install them for free.

What Can I Do If I’m Out of Warranty?

If your Goodwe solar inverter became defective and is out of warranty, it is still possible to replace the unit or parts of it but there will be already costs for it. To know more about the conditions of servicing your solar inverter out of warranty, do not hesitate to contact us.

Goodwe Inverter Troubleshooting & Repairs

There are several Goodwe solar inverter problems that can be fixed without calling your solar inverter installer. When the product encounters a problem or an error, the red LED indicator will light up and the error message will be displayed on the LCD screen. Some examples of problems that can be fixed on your own are listed below and the possible solutions for them:

Not Working / No Display

When your solar inverter suddenly stops working or it has no display, do the following steps:

  1. Turn off the DC switch, take off the DC connector, and check inverter module voltage.
  2. Plug in DC connector then turn on the DC switch.
  3. If the voltage shows that it is below 250V, check the configuration of the inverter module.
  4. If the voltage shows that is higher than 250V, it is time to ask help from a solar inverter technician.

VAC Failure

When your solar inverter displays Vac Failure, it means that the power grid voltage is over the limit. Refer to the following steps when repairing this problem:

  1. If the grid returns to normal, the PV inverter will restart within 5 minutes.
  2. Refer to the power grid AC voltage and check if it is within the safety country setting range.
  3. Check if all the AC wires connected properly.

Utility Loss

Utility loss or Error Code 23 is a system fault that can be fixed by checking the following:

  1. Check if the grid is turned off then turn on.
  2. Check if AC breaker or other protection switch is turned off then turn on.
  3. Check the grid connection cables if they are connected properly.


If the power station status of your Goodwe solar inverter is offline, it means that it is out of monitoring. This can happen in the night where there is no sun, a communication issue in the day time, or it can be an inverter issue. If it is a WiFi issue, you can try to do a reset or a reload.

If these problems still persist after you have done these quick fixes or there are other concerns that are not addressed here, you can contact ANew Solar at (08) 7078-7620 or drop us a message here. Rest assured that a solar inverter expert will gladly assist you with your problem.