Sharp Inverter Problems, Errors & Faults: Call for Tech Support and Repairs

Sharp is one of the world’s leading brands with an outstanding history regarding the value of its products. If you are in need of servicing or maintaining your Sharp solar inverter, ANew Solar offers solar inverter services such as repairs and health checks at a pocket-friendly price.

Sharp inverter models we repair and service:

  • JH-1600E

We at ANew Solar have dedicated, accredited solar technicians who will be able to help you with your Sharp inverter problems. It does not matter whether or not you bought your inverter with us. We will still lend you our services so that you may enjoy the use of your solar inverter. ANew Solar

Sharp Inverter Fault & Error Codes

When something goes wrong with a Sharp solar inverter, an error code or a fault message will be shown in the LCD screen. This helps the user to detect what is wrong with the inverter and it makes it easier to find a solution to the problem. Each error codes correspond to a fault that can be easily fixed by your own or a solar inverter technician if the problem is worse than you thought. Below are some common Sharp solar inverter error and fault codes:

Error Code d-21

A Sharp inverter that displays an Error Code d-21 is not a good sign. It is a major inverter fault which is caused by excessive voltage transients on the input or output of the inverter. Possible sources of this error is lightning or a power surge on the grid. Unfortunately, this is not covered by the product warranty as per Sharp since the root cause of the error is an external factor. Your best bet is to replace the whole inverter with a new one.

Error Code d-27

An Error Code d-27 is also a major inverter problem which is caused by external factors. It happens when the relay is open. Just like Error Code d-21, this is not covered by Sharp’s warranty. You can try resetting the solar inverter, but it is highly suggested that you buy a new one.

Fault Code f-01

When a Sharp inverter shows that it is having an F-01 fault code, it means that there is little or no power coming in the grid or the utility is under voltage. To fix this problem, you need to check if all the plugs are connected properly and all switches are turned on especially the Inverter AC isolator and the Solar Supply Main Switch. If you have done everything and the fault code is still shown, the problem might already lie on the inverter itself.

 If you have the same problems above, you can contact ANew Solar and our expert solar technicians are ready to help you with all your inverter issues. We will do an electrical inspection or health check of your inverter and do necessary maintenance depending on the result.

Sharp Inverter Installation Manual and Tech Support

For those who are having problems understanding their Sharp inverters, you can read the user installation manual that came with the inverter when you bought it. However, if you lost it somewhere, you could just download it here.

ANew Solar can also help you understand the ins and outs of your Sharp inverter. We’ll try to discuss it in simpler terms so that when something goes wrong, you can do it on your own. However, if it requires expertise, our solar technicians can do the job. Just drop us a message and we’ll attend to it.

Sharp Inverter Warranty

A Sharp solar inverter has a warranty of 60 months or five years from the date of purchase. Replacing or repairing the inverter is free of charge provided that the errors or faults of the inverter happened under normal use. The inverter unit must also be installed according to the Installation Instruction provided by Sharp and that the inverter must also be installed by an authorized or licensed electrical contractor.

How Do I Make a Warranty Claim?

ANew Solar can help you get a warranty replacement or repair for your Sharp solar inverter even if you did not purchase the product with us. To claim your Sharp solar inverter warranty, you need to present the following:

  • Proof of purchase or sales documentation that the inverter has been purchased within the warranty period

Sharp Inverter Troubleshooting & Repairs

If ever you are experiencing an error or a fault with your Sharp inverter, sometimes, manually resetting the inverter could help solve the problem. How do you do it? Just follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the AC disconnect first.
  2. Then turn off the DC disconnect.
  3. Wait for a few minutes and then turn on the AC disconnect followed by the DC disconnect.
  4. The inverter will restart automatically.

If the inverter is still displaying an error or fault code after resetting, it might indicate a bigger and complicated problem which should already be forwarded to a solar technician.

ANew Solar’s expert accredited solar technicians are ready to help with these kind of problems. Aside from conducting a health check, we also offer other solar services such as warranty replacements, solar panel replacements, electrical inspections, inverter replacements, inverter installations, and others. To know more about ANew Solar or if you are interested in availing our services, please call us at (08) 7078 7620 or leave a message here. You can also get a free quote before doing necessary fixes for your inverter.