Macsolar Inverter Problems, Errors & Faults: Call for Repair

Shanghai Macsolar Power Co. Ltd., or most commonly known as Macsolar, is a Chinese company that specialized in research, development, and production of wind power converters, reactive power compensation devices, and photovoltaic inverters.  Macsolar inverters were mostly installed in Australia from 2011 to 2013. However, the company has since gone out of business, leaving Macsolar inverter users in a tight spot if their inverters are going to have problems in the future.

Fortunately, ANew Solar is here to help you with issues regarding your Macsolar inverter. Even if you did not buy your Macsolar inverter with us, we will be glad to assist you. Our solar experts are dedicated, accredited technicians that will give you the best professional service in Perth. Aside from repairs and installations, we also offer health checks, electrical inspections, solar panel replacement, solar upgrades, inverter replacements, warranty replacements, solar system removal, and inverter inspections.

The Macsolar inverters that we service and repair are as follows:

  • Macsol-TL 1.5K-5K
  • MCS2-TL 1.5K-2K
  • MCS-TL 10-20K

If you are interested in ANew Solar services or if you have a problem with your Macsolar inverter that you want to be checked, you can call us at (08) 4078 7620 and one of our solar technicians can help you out. You can also get a free quote if you decide to avail our services.

Macsolar Inverter Fault & Error Codes

Just like every other inverter, Macsolar inverters also have their own fault or error codes. These codes are useful in determining the specific problem of your inverter. Each error code corresponds to a fault and this can be found in your inverter manual. Some of the most common error codes on a Macsolar inverter are:

 Error 19

One of the most common problems that Macsolar inverter users face is Error 19 or most commonly known as Relay Fault. It means that a fault has occurred in the relay which automatically disconnects the inverter from the grid.

 Communication Error

Simply said, when a Communication Error shows up in a Macsolar inverter, it means that there is a fault in the internal communication of the inverter.

Macsolar Inverter Installation Manual

The installation manual of your Macsolar inverter should have come with the product when you bought it. However, if you lost your physical copy, you can view the user manuals here depending on your inverter model:

Or better yet, you could call us at ANew Solar so that we can make things better for you. If you need solar servicing or repairs, solar technicians and experts of ANew Solar will get the job done. It is better to consult a solar expert regarding the installation of any parts of your inverter so that it will work properly. There might be things that can be overlooked upon especially if you are not really with the ins and outs of your solar inverter. One wrong connection might lead to different problems with the inverter, so it is better to consult an expert.

Macsolar Inverter Warranty

Originally, Macsolar solar inverters have a warranty period of 60 months or five years from the date of installment at your household or premises. If applicable, the remainder of the warranty will be transferred to the replaced or repaired inverter. If there is less than 12 months left on the warranty, the warranty of the replaced or repaired inverter will be extended to 12 months and will be applied from the date of installation.

 However, since Macsolar is already closed for business, the warranty for its solar inverters are no longer applicable. If your Macsolar inverter is experiencing problems or issues, we at ANew Solar can make a health check and electrical inspection of your inverter and assess if there are needed repairs to it.

 If only simple replacements and repairs can be done, ANew Solar can do the job. However, if your Macsolar inverter has bigger problems, it is highly suggested that you change your solar inverter to a new one.

Macsolar Inverter Troubleshooting & Repairs

There are Macsolar inverter problems that are easy to troubleshoot and have quick fixes for it. Listed below are some of the most common faults that Macsolar inverter users experience:

 Relay Fault

If your Macsolar inverter experiences an Error Code 19 or Relay Fault, there are no other choice but to replace the whole inverter. Since Macsolar are no longer in business, you have to buy another brand that is available at the market which will be easier to maintain.

Communication Error

When Communication Error is displayed in the LCD screen of your Macsolar inverter, you have to reset the inverter or make a manual shutdown. To manually shutdown your inverter, just follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the solar supply main switch.
  2. Turn off the PV Array and DC Isolator switch.
  3. If your inverter has an Inverter Isolator, switch it off.
  4. Wait for five minutes and then turn all switches in reverse order.

If these errors are still displayed in the LCD screen even after you made these quick fixes, it is time to contact ANew Solar so one of our solar technicians will be able to assess the damage on your inverter. You may call us at (08) 7078 7620 or drop us a message here and we will be glad to hear your problem out.