Sunnyroo Solar Inverter Repairs

ANew Solar takes Perth’s solar power repairs and service seriously. With dedicated service technicians located in Perth, we can get to you fast! Whether you purchased your solar power system from ANew Solar or not, we’re committed to solving any problems you may be experiencing with your solar panels or inverter. If you’re having issue with your Sunnyroo Inverter – call us today on (08) 7078 7620

Yes We Can Repair Your Sunnyroo Inverter

Chris has been designing and installing Solar PV Systems since 2011. He started ANew Solar to deliver high quality solar systems at competitive prices. ANew Solar is a Clean Energy Council approved designer and installer and use only the most trusted and reliable Solar Panels and Solar Inverters.

Sunnyroo Solar Inverter Repairs Perth

The solar inverter is the most important part of your solar panel system. Solar inverters do lose efficiency over time. An accredited solar installer can check your inverters and often will find issues that are causing your system to lose efficiency. It could be that the inverters were not correctly installed or a connection has come loose.

Your system can be returned to close to full capacity once you get the inverters fixed. In some cases the inverters may be too badly damaged and then you’ll need to get them replaced.

The costs of repairs and maintenance for inverters can be broken into two components: the cost of inspection and/or cost of replacement. At least once a year you should get your solar inverters checked.

Solar Servicing Costs

Are you concerned about how much it’s going to cost to maintain your solar system? ANew Solar prides itself on providing a competitive service, so make sure you get a quote from us before being overcharged . Our initial inspection fee is only $175, which is usually $50-$100 cheaper than other providers. Of-course if there’s a problem, like your inverters requiring replacement then it could cost more. We’ll always be upfront and clear on how much it’s going to cost.