Aero-Sharp Inverter Problems, Not Working: Call for Troubleshooting and Repairs

Shanghai Aero-Sharp Electric Technologies Co., Ltd. offered grid-connected inverters and stand-alone inverters built for residential and small-plant use. Some of the Aero-Sharp inverters that were released were:

  • 1kW
  • 5kW
  • 2kW
  • 3kW

Unfortunately, Aero-Sharp inverters are no longer available in the market so for those who have purchased it, repairing a faulty inverter will probably cost you a lot of money since its warranty might not be honored any longer.

Aero-Sharp Inverter Grid Voltage Error & System Error

Just like any other solar inverters, Aero-Sharp also has its own solar inverter errors. The two most common problems Aero-Sharp inverter users usually encounter are grid volt error and system error. Below are the descriptions of these errors and how you can fix them:

Grid Voltage Error

If your Aero-Sharp inverter is displaying grid voltage error, it means that it does not detect power coming from the electricity grid. It could also mean that the internal AC fuse blew. Before you call your solar technician, check if all switches are turned on or check if the AC plug is connected to the inverter properly. If everything is switched on or connected properly, you already need to call your solar inverter technician and have him check the AC fuse’s status to see if it needs replacing. If the AC fuse has been replaced and the solar inverter still displays the same grid voltage error message, it might be time to replace the whole solar inverter.

System Error

When your Aero-Sharp inverter displays a system error message, it means that it is time to replace the inverter. This problem is beyond repair already and you need to look for a new one.

Aero-Sharp Inverter Installation Manual

For those who have Aero-Sharp inverters at home and would like to know more about the ins and outs of their inverters, you can download the installation manual here. We at ANew Solar will gladly help you with problems regarding your Aero-Sharp inverter. We will assist you in any installation that is needed for the solar inverter to work and see to it that every part of the inverter is in good condition.

Aero-Sharp Inverter Warranty

Aero-Sharp inverters usually have a warranty of ten years from the date of purchase. Since the company has shut down, it is best to call your solar installer to know if your warranty is still applicable. Call us at (08) 7078-7620 to know more about your Aero-Sharp inverter warranty questions.

How Do I Make a Warranty Claim?

Before contacting your solar inverter installer, you need to prepare your proof of purchase indicating that your Aero-Sharp inverter is still within the warranty period of ten years and the warranty card that you filled up when you purchased the inverter. Claiming the warranty of the inverter can be a bit of a problem since Aero-Sharp inverters are already off the market. When your inverter is needed to be fully replaced, there will be no more replacement available and the only solution to your problem is to buy a new solar inverter from another manufacturer.

Aero-Sharp Inverter Troubleshooting & Repairs

There are some Aero-Sharp solar inverter problems that are easy to troubleshoot and repair. One of these is when the solar inverter’s battery falls flat.

Battery Failure

Out of all the Aero-Sharp inverter problems, this might be the easiest to repair. You only need to replace the 3-volt CR2032 lithium coin cell located behind the display panel. If a battery fails, it will affect the clock and previous records of the inverter such as total time and kWh. The inverter’s internal clock will also reset and cause problems when reporting its daily kilowatt-hours.

But because Aero-Sharp inverters are no longer present in the market, it is better to contact one of our solar technicians to check up on your inverter’s health to provide accurate assessment. While some parts of the inverter may still be replaceable, it might save you more money when you buy a new inverter which is more available.

If you have issues regarding your Aero-Sharp inverter or you would like to conduct a routine check-up, please call us at (08) 7078-7620 or drop us a message here. We are happy to assist you with our solar inverter services and even give out some suggestions if you plan to replace your old Aero-Sharp inverter to a new one.